An Important Message from Meal Prep Grind

It’s no secret that families and businesses alike have been facing new and ever-changing challenges for several years now. As we continue to confront these challenges, I have come to the decision at this time to to close the Meal Prep Grind kitchen. It is my absolute belief that MPG will return in the future with brand new and exciting ways to serve you, our customers, and our community. We’ve become so much more than the local healthy meal delivery service we started out as six years ago.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support. It’s been an absolute pleasure to serve the community for the past six years. We could not have grown to what we are without you, and we look forward to sharing the projects and partnerships we are working on behind the scenes.

If you need to reach out to us for any reason, all of the normal channels – Facebook, Instagram, email, and telephone – are and will remain open.

Thank you, and we will see you soon!

-Bryan Fauver, owner